What’s So Bad About A Bit Of Self-Pride?

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The story of Icarus is about a young man’s attempt to escape from Crete by means of wings that his father constructed from feathers and wax. Icarus ignored instructions not to fly too close to the sun, and the melting wax caused him to fall into the sea where he drowned. In flying too high he is often seen as possessing overconfident arrogance. The proverb ‘Pride goes before a fall’ seems apt, implying suffering for those too cocky for their own good.On the other hand, sounding superior and important are favoured traits in today’s tough competitive economic climate. Even if your are not in business, you need to market your work skills in order to keep your own job or get another one.”At home I am a nice guy: but I don’t want the world to know. Humble people, I’ve found, don’t get very far.” (Muhammad Ali)And it is said that it can become counter-productive to be modest because you may not be taken seriously.So is it really true that you will be like Icarus and suffer in some way as a result of being full of yourself and your ability? What’s so bad about a bit of self-pride?Seeing the sacred in others
In his book Essential Spirituality, Roger Walsh writes about noticing the sacred in other people.He tells a story about an old woman sitting by the roadside outside her town who was approached by a traveller who asked “What kinds of people live in this town?””What were the people like in your home town?” queried the old woman.”Oh, they were terrible!” fumed the traveller. “Liars, cheats, incompetents, you couldn’t trust any of them. I was glad to leave.””You’ll find the people in this town just the same.” Responded the old woman.Not long afterwards, she was approached by a second traveller who also questioned her about the people in the town.””What were the people like in your home town?” she asked.”Oh, they were wonderful!” exclaimed the traveller. “Fine, honest, hard-working, it was a privilege to be with them. I was so sorry to leave.””You’ll find the people in this town just the same. “responded the old woman.So, how you see others and what you say about them reveals more about yourself than about them. You don’t want to seem to be a know-it-all who fails to notice the value in others. Few people want to appear big-headed about their own abilities at the cost of the abilities of others. Moreover, seeing what is valuable about others helps you be honest with yourself about your own limitations even when this is uncomfortable.Seeing the sacred in life itself
Spiritually-minded people acknowledge a source of deeper energy and wisdom beyond their own mind. They ask how can one not feel humbled by the wonders of the universe, or when seeing the power of altruistic love manifest in the most extreme circumstances. We are so often exposed to the scientific view, of an evolution without purpose and a universe as a meaningless machine, that no transcendent sacred force – whatever we want to call it – is allowed to exist.But then we are pulled up short by tantalizing glimpses, of a mysterious quality within nature – perhaps triggered by a beautiful sunset, the wisdom of birds and animals, or the vastness of space – glimpses that offer a truly awe-inspiring experience of something beyond oneself. At such moments the mundane world is transfigured.Such experiences, can lead to acknowledging a higher good and truth that exists beyond your own ability, and which is the source of inspiration for human effort. In this way of thinking, the focus is not on the strengths of humanity but on the strengths of the Divine presence within the human soul and accepting one’s dependence on this presence for finding tolerance, patience, and other virtue. Not, as do some Christians, in sanctimoniously promoting themselves as Godly and being better than others. Instead, by genuinely bowing down to an origin of all that is good, the individual does not feel empty but full.”Jesus is the God whom we can approach without pride and before whom we can humble ourselves without despair.” (Blaise Pascal)Neither need one indulge in self-abasement as do some believers but rather celebrate one’s ability to be uplifted and share the spiritual power available: not in denying the inner strength in oneself but rather in recognising its source in the Divine.Copyright 2013 Stephen Russell-Lacy


S1444 Thai Art Ramakian Case Cover For Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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S1444 Thai Art Ramakian Case Cover For Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Graphic Printed Hard Case For Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
Hard Case Cover For Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – Graphic Printed Design Including Sides and Corner.

Full Wrap Sides and Corner, High Gloss, Full Photo.
The image will print in high quality on the front face and around the sides. Forged From High Grade Hard Plastic Slim-fit scratch resistant lightweight cases.
Patented photo print technology. Provides robust phone protection.

This phone case is not a sticker or cheap metal printed insert. Durable Lightweight.

The cases are not only visually stunning but are also highly practical and provide robust phone protection. Forged from high grade hard plastic, they are both durable and lightweight.
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Moroso 63786 Coolant Tank for Mustang

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Moroso Coolant Expansion Tank – – FORD MUSTANG ALL ALL ALL ; – 63786 Moroso Coolant Expansion Tanks are available in Universal or Direct-Fit application specific fitments. Moroso Coolant Expansion Tank Features: * Aluminum construction * Integral fittings / mounting brackets * Heat Resistant * Tank can be polished, chromed, powder coated or left as is for a race look
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Belts and Some of Its Many Uses

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Some people don’t even realize what that piece of strap called belt can do for them and their everyday look. For most people, belts are just one long piece of accessory that is not that important but that is certainly not true. Belts have lots of uses in people’s everyday lives and this will help you understand some of the many uses of belts and what it can do for you.One of the main uses of belts is for support. Men are the ones who are always in need of belts for support because they often buy pants or trousers that don’t exactly fit their waist so to eliminate the risk of any kind of embarrassment, they use belts to hold their pants in place and to keep them from falling. There are also some women who need to use belts for the same reason especially those whose figure requires special cut in jeans or pants. It is important that when buying belts, you must make sure that you will try the belt on first before purchasing to make sure that the size is just right for you. It should be adjusted about two or three sizes both ways so you can still use it even if you have gained or lost some weight.Belts can also help plus-sized women achieve a sexier figure because it could create the illusion of a slimmer waist and a proportional figure. Most plus-sized women tend to buy loose and big tops that would make them look even bigger than their actual size. Belts can help them provide a solution to this problem. All these women have to do is to choose a cute belt that will go well with their outfit and cinch it to their waist and they can instantly achieve a slimmer waist. Just don’t overdo it because it will make your appearance look worse. Women with already good figure can emphasize it by putting a belt on their hips. You can see celebrities wearing their belts loosely on their hips to draw attention to that part and show off their small waist and curvy hips.Belts can also improve your personal style. Belts are always in fashion and they are always included in the list of fashionable staples that every person must have. They come in different colors, materials, designs, and forms to suit your mood, your style, your personality, and your preference. Spice up a dull and boring outfit by using a belt that will add personality and character. Achieve a celebrity look by paying attention to the kind of belt that they are using.Belts can also be very helpful especially to those who are working. You can use your belt to hold things and stuff. Policemen and security guards use their belts to hold the holster for their gun and other stuff. Some merchants use their belts to hold bags where they put their coins or money. Some use their belts to hold their mobile phones and other gadgets. There are more uses of belts and it will all depend on your own creativity. Belts are basically created to hold men’s pants but as time goes by, people have discovered that they can also be used for other purposes.

DYMO 91312 Yellow Letratag Labelmaker

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Remember how much fun it was to play with those old hand-crank Dymo labelers? Well, the fancy new Letratag is even cooler. About the size of a walkie-talkie, this labeler is lightweight, easy to use, and has a bunch of label-tape options.

Printing a simple label takes just a few seconds, while fiddling with symbols and type styles will take you a bit longer. The instruction sheet lays it out clearly, and you’ll be adding shaded boxes, condensed print, and happy faces to your labels with no trouble. Possibilities for decoration include seven different borders, four text sizes, international characters, and simple graphics such as stars and musical notes.

The built-in label cutter slices through plastic labels with no problem, and the blade is well protected from little fingers, making it safe for children to use. Labels are extremely durable, much more so than the thick plastic of yesteryear, and the metallic tape is actually weather proof. One downside is that there’s no adapter; the Letratag only operates on batteries. However, the labeler automatically shuts off after two minutes of non-use–a battery-saving plus.

For office or retail use, it’s a little disappointing that the label tape comes in only one width–0.5 inches can be a bit too small for some purposes. Also, while the letter size is great for labeling file folders, envelopes, or desktop containers, you’ll need to use the “big caps” mode to be able to read labels on larger storage boxes or shelving units. This is a great machine for labeling outdoor equipment and an ideal gift for summer campers or college freshmen. –Jill Lightner


  • Small and lightweight
  • Built-in cutter slices easily and safely
  • Many different label tapes to choose from


  • Only runs on batteries–no adapter
  • Small text screen

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General Tools 185 Tub Drain Remover

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The double-ended Tub Drain Remover will fit most tub drain sizes for simple installation and removal. The durable, hex-shaped body allows the tool to be turned with a wrench. There are also holes in the body for turning the Tub Drain Remover with a crossbar or large screwdriver.
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Deluxe DB ROTH Accessory KitFor The Pentax K-5, 645D Digital SLR Camera

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Kit Includes:

* 1) Deluxe Camcorder Case – Protect your valuable camera investment with this carrying case.
* 2) Spare High Capacity Battery – A spare rechargeable battery is an essential accessory. No power, no pictures!
* 3) Mini Rapid Charger – This Multi-voltage Charger plugs directly in to your wall outlet or your car cigarette lighter and charges your battery in approximately 60 minutes
*4) 4GB SecureDigital (SD) Card -Take more pictures faster and utilize the full high speed imaging capabilities of your digital camera with the 4GB SD Memory Card
* 5) Flexible Tabletop Tripod – Don’t be the invisible man (or woman) in your family photo album! Get yourself in the picture using your camera’s self-timer and this ultra-compact Tabletop Tripod.
* 6) Screen Protectors – These LCD Screen Protectors reduce glare, enhance view, prevent scratching, wear and damage
* 7) Full Size Tripod – Tripod with Carrying Case: lightweight and sturdy tripod
* 8) Micro Fiber Cloth – Eliminate dust and smudges from your camera
* 9) Deluxe 5-Piece Cleaning – This 5-Piece Cleaning Kit contains an assortment of useful cleaning tools such as lens cleaning tissues, lens cloth, cleaning solution, a blower brush and cotton swabs.
*10) Memory Card Storage Wallet – Keep multiple memory cards protected and organized with this durable storage wallet
*11) USB 2.0 High Speed SD Card Reader – Transfer files easily and quickly with the included USB 2.0 SD card reader
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