Remember how much fun it was to play with those old hand-crank Dymo labelers? Well, the fancy new Letratag is even cooler. About the size of a walkie-talkie, this labeler is lightweight, easy to use, and has a bunch of label-tape options.

Printing a simple label takes just a few seconds, while fiddling with symbols and type styles will take you a bit longer. The instruction sheet lays it out clearly, and you’ll be adding shaded boxes, condensed print, and happy faces to your labels with no trouble. Possibilities for decoration include seven different borders, four text sizes, international characters, and simple graphics such as stars and musical notes.

The built-in label cutter slices through plastic labels with no problem, and the blade is well protected from little fingers, making it safe for children to use. Labels are extremely durable, much more so than the thick plastic of yesteryear, and the metallic tape is actually weather proof. One downside is that there’s no adapter; the Letratag only operates on batteries. However, the labeler automatically shuts off after two minutes of non-use–a battery-saving plus.

For office or retail use, it’s a little disappointing that the label tape comes in only one width–0.5 inches can be a bit too small for some purposes. Also, while the letter size is great for labeling file folders, envelopes, or desktop containers, you’ll need to use the “big caps” mode to be able to read labels on larger storage boxes or shelving units. This is a great machine for labeling outdoor equipment and an ideal gift for summer campers or college freshmen. –Jill Lightner


  • Small and lightweight
  • Built-in cutter slices easily and safely
  • Many different label tapes to choose from


  • Only runs on batteries–no adapter
  • Small text screen

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