For those that have never had the need to look up a public record, you may not know the importance of them. They are little pieces of history if you think about it. There are Public Records filed for everything.Did you know before the Internet you would have to hire a private investigator to do your search? We are so lucky to be able to perform our own comprehensive online investigations right at home.Do not be concerned about people knowing you are doing searches on them. When doing a search online it is completely confidential. If you need to find spellings or birthdates for someone and find yourself in a bind, try using a social site. There are plenty of social networking sites that people use and have their birth date right on their profile. Knowing an exact birth date is necessary to perform certain searches.Some other great things about the online search mechanism is that you can see a full range of searches right on the same site. They will be categorized and subcategorized and you are not limited to just one search. Maybe you want to look up a Ship Record and do a Background Check at the same time.Do not underestimate the importance of finding Public Records online. You can virtually look up anything with today’s technology. Imagine if every time you needed a few facts you had to hire a private investigator! Now that would be a reason for getting worked up about having to do some research.