Deluxe DB ROTH Accessory KitFor The Pentax K-5, 645D Digital SLR Camera

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Kit Includes:

* 1) Deluxe Camcorder Case – Protect your valuable camera investment with this carrying case.
* 2) Spare High Capacity Battery – A spare rechargeable battery is an essential accessory. No power, no pictures!
* 3) Mini Rapid Charger – This Multi-voltage Charger plugs directly in to your wall outlet or your car cigarette lighter and charges your battery in approximately 60 minutes
*4) 4GB SecureDigital (SD) Card -Take more pictures faster and utilize the full high speed imaging capabilities of your digital camera with the 4GB SD Memory Card
* 5) Flexible Tabletop Tripod – Don’t be the invisible man (or woman) in your family photo album! Get yourself in the picture using your camera’s self-timer and this ultra-compact Tabletop Tripod.
* 6) Screen Protectors – These LCD Screen Protectors reduce glare, enhance view, prevent scratching, wear and damage
* 7) Full Size Tripod – Tripod with Carrying Case: lightweight and sturdy tripod
* 8) Micro Fiber Cloth – Eliminate dust and smudges from your camera
* 9) Deluxe 5-Piece Cleaning – This 5-Piece Cleaning Kit contains an assortment of useful cleaning tools such as lens cleaning tissues, lens cloth, cleaning solution, a blower brush and cotton swabs.
*10) Memory Card Storage Wallet – Keep multiple memory cards protected and organized with this durable storage wallet
*11) USB 2.0 High Speed SD Card Reader – Transfer files easily and quickly with the included USB 2.0 SD card reader
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Bottle Opener Hawaiian God Ku Tiki

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Allow this Hawaiian God Ku Tiki Bottle Opener to bring you some island spirit as you open a bottle of your favorite beverage. Tiki bottle openers are perfect for outdoor kitchens, backyard barbeques, and island theme parties. This Hawaiian God Ku Tiki Bottle Opener measures approximately 6″ in length.
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SODIAL- Extending Back Scratcher with telescopic handle.

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* Scratch itches in hard to reach spots with this deluxe metal
extending back scratcher.
* Fitted with a telescopic extending handle that extends from min.
* 15cm (6″) up to a maximum of 51cm (20″).
* Deluxe model made from gleaming stainless steel with an alloy metal head.
* Fitted with a pen style pocket clip.
* Reach that irksome itch on your back.
* Five fingers will hit that
* hard-toreach spot and provide relief.
* Conveniently fits in purse or pocket.
* Contents: 1 x telescopic handle
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The Importance of Public Records Online

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For those that have never had the need to look up a public record, you may not know the importance of them. They are little pieces of history if you think about it. There are Public Records filed for everything.Did you know before the Internet you would have to hire a private investigator to do your search? We are so lucky to be able to perform our own comprehensive online investigations right at home.Do not be concerned about people knowing you are doing searches on them. When doing a search online it is completely confidential. If you need to find spellings or birthdates for someone and find yourself in a bind, try using a social site. There are plenty of social networking sites that people use and have their birth date right on their profile. Knowing an exact birth date is necessary to perform certain searches.Some other great things about the online search mechanism is that you can see a full range of searches right on the same site. They will be categorized and subcategorized and you are not limited to just one search. Maybe you want to look up a Ship Record and do a Background Check at the same time.Do not underestimate the importance of finding Public Records online. You can virtually look up anything with today’s technology. Imagine if every time you needed a few facts you had to hire a private investigator! Now that would be a reason for getting worked up about having to do some research.