Best Bottom InsertsBest Bottom offers a selection of snap-in inserts to customize your Best Bottom Cloth Diaper to suit your baby. All the inserts are trim and come in three sizes.SizeAll inserts come in a small medium and large size. While sizing is approximate these are the typical settingsSmall birth – 14 lbsMedium 11-22 lbsLarge 16-35 lbsStay Dry InsertsThese snap-in inserts contain 4 layers of microfiber topped with a layer of soft no-pill microfleece that is designed to wick away any moisture to help your baby feel dry.Hemp/Organic Cotton InsertsThe hemp/organic cotton inserts are made from 5 layers of thirsty hemp and organic cotton. Against babys skin is a layer of soft hemp/organic cotton fleece. Finally a cloth diaper that will allow your baby to wear jeans. This trim and absorbent insert combined with the Best Bottom shell is trim enough to permit your baby to fit into jeans.Microfiber Overnight InsertsAdd 6 layers of absorbency for overnight. Just snap the overnight insert into your Best Bottom shell and then snap on a Stay Dry Insert or a Hemp/Organic Cotton Insert on top.Hemp/Organic Cotton Overnight InsertsThis insert is made from hemp/organic cotton and topped with soft hemp/organic cotton fleece. Snap it in a Best Bottom shell and snap a Stay Dry Insert or a Hemp/Organic Cotton Insert on top.The overnight inserts are not designed to be used alone but with a standard Microfiber or Hemp/Organic cotton Insert on top.Materials and ManufacturingBest Bottom uses as
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